We’ve built the first modern insurance platform, pairing top talent with technology and support to make the risk management experience intelligent and seamless.
Our Agents
A community of the industry's top-performing independent professionals
Love us or leave us

We believe that ownership is the basis of a true partnership. That is why our agents have ownership of their book and a buy-out guarantee.

Unparalleled Economics

Utilizing efficiencies of technology and scale, we are able to pass the lion’s share of our savings on to our agents.

Investing in you and your business

With the launch of the SAGE’s Agent Fund, new agents are eligible to receive low interest draws from the company which can be invested in initial start-up expenses while winning new clients.

Carrier Depth and Breadth

Consumers demand choice. We provide appointments with over 40 carriers so you can find the right insurance for your client.

We will offer healthcare to all of our agents

In the near future, we will be rolling out affordable healthcare for our agents to save them money and help them care for their families.

Our Support
Our unparalleled agent support is here to help before you arrive.
One-on-one onboarding service

Before you even set foot in the door, our team will fire up your email account, import your contacts, get you a dedicated phone line and establish your online presence.

Personalized Concierge & IT Assistance

Your dedicated Agent Operations Associate will guide your transition to SAGE technology and tools.

Dedicated assistant for you

Our agent assistant program offers recruitment and training for your personal assistant.

Policy servicing

Dedicated, fully licensed P&C agents will service 100% of your book, answering client calls in less than 30 seconds. They will help you from quote presentation to renewal management.

Our Technology
By enabling you to be a true risk advisor, not a mere price-quoter, our tech works for you, not against you.
SAGE Agency Management System

SAGE AMS utilizes Salesforce as a backbone to empower agents to nurture relationships, close more sales, and stay one step ahead with insights powered by artificial intelligence.

SAGE Policy Optimizer

Using proprietary risk data, SAGE Policy Optimizer automatically analyzes every prospect’s risk profile so you can recommend a comprehensive risk management package. For existing current customers, it identifies coverage gaps and so you can cross and upsell.

SAGE Self-Service

SAGE self-service portal empowers your clients to collaborate with you to request endorsements, access insurance certificates, make payments and file claims.

SAGE Certificate of Insurance

SAGE COI tracker allows your clients to manage all their COIs in one location and enable them to request, track, and evaluate new certificates in one place.

Our Marketing
Hyper-focused marketing that gets the results you care about.
Digital strategy

Our comprehensive training program will prepare you and the producers you hire to succeed in the digital age. From managing your marketing campaigns to creating quote and renewal proposals, we will help you put your best foot forward.

Curated content

Our content team will manage your content, marketing strategy and communication channels so you focus on the right audience.

Referral channel

Whether you focus on an industry or a region, we will find the right channels for you to jump-start the new business growth.

Increased close rate

SAGE Artificial Intelligence prospector helps you get targeted leads and SAGE coverage optimizer helps increase your close rate and upsell/cross-sell.

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